Welcome to my blog!


The best part of my job is meeting and talking to you – the Jenny Betts London customers. I love talking to you and helping you choose presents for friends – and treats for yourself. But some of my customers live far away from my SW11 stall, and I wanted to find a way to talk to all of you. So welcome – everyone – to my blog! Feel free to post a comment or ask a question. Just like I do at the stall, I’ll be sure to answer and help where I can!

I’ve deliberately chosen to start my blog today on Blue Monday. Why? Because I don’t want any of my customers to be feeling blue today. I’ve never been good at being told what to do, and I’m definitely not going to be blue today just because someone else has decided that it’s a miserable day. It may be cold, Christmas maybe a distant memory, and it’s a long way until the clocks go forward…..but, what I’ve learned since launching Jenny Betts London Limited is that I have so much to be grateful for – not least running a business doing something I love! And the reason I love it so much is because of you – my amazing customers.

Another way of helping me stay so positive and focussed is the gorgeous bamboo and white grapefruit candle that is gently burning away as I write this and catch up on all the admin that accrued over the Christmas break. It is the perfect combination of grapefruit, apple, orange and bergamot to infuse the air with an energising and mood enhancing scent. Try it! It even has rumoured health benefits, which may help for any lingering coughs and cold.

To show my thanks for all your support last year, I’m offering a 10% on the entire bamboo and white grapefruit range for one week only. So, go on – treat yourself!

Wishing you all a very happy Monday!

Jenny x

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